Bastardville Type
Bastardville Type Design


︎Bastardville is a font which is designed on the most broken down forms of Baskerville.
        ︎In 2013 Errol Morris ran a study with the New York Times with 45,000 unknowing participants to find what typeface is considered to be the most believable, under the guise of a test to measure readers optimism. Baskerville was overwhelmingly considered the most reliable typeface. 
        ︎But if the truth began to decay and become irrelevant in a Post-Truth age, what use will the most truthful typeface have in a world. Bastardville is a response to this. Broken down until only the remnants of the typeface remain to reflect the truth being eroded in the Post-Truth era. 
        ︎Baskerville was repeatedly scanned at a low dpi, printed and scanned again until the most broken down form of the type remained. Then tracing over the letter forms in Adobe Illustrator and transferring them into Glyphs, creating Batardville as usable type. 
︎Bastardville is not made to be easily legible, it is made so that the viewer struggle to read the content.