Invisible Forces
A Very Evil Book

︎Finalist British Book Design & Production Awards 
︎I.S.T.D awarded membership

︎Invisible forces is a celebration and documentation of the Occult, Spiritualist and Mesmerism movements of the 19th century. Beginning in the occult revival in 19th century France, this book documents the rise and reaction to the movements, expanding to present day with the church of satanism and the use of the occult in heavy metal.
        ︎The book is designed to the ratio of pentagram, the most recognisable symbol of the occult. When the reader opens the book, it holds the dimension of the pentagram.Using the typeface Portrait designed by Berton Hasebe to give the contents of the book a dangerous and ominous feel to it. Printed entirely on 130gsm red paper and fully case bound in Duffy’s bookbinders, Dublin.